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Tapfern Ringleader One Smart Cookee - Cookee

Ms Cookee at the Lafayette Consolidated Government's Health Fair.

She was a hit of the Fair. Hundreds visited with her as she lounged on the table.

The gift of a little red Cavalier:

During AAT on the hospital's reh unit several patients were interacting with Cookee, while one man in particular was quietly watching her.  This gentleman had experienced a stroke resulting in partial hemiplegia and expressive aphasia.  His eyes twinkled as he watched her playing fetch with the others. We approached and asked if he would like to visit.  He had been non-communicative with the therapist, so she repeated Cookee's name in an attempt to have him verbalize. Finally he looked at Cookee & said "bitch". A young therapist, quite embarrassed, explained to the patient and to me that "cursing" was not unexpected with his brain injury.  As he looked at me quizzically I realized he wasn't cursing but communicating -  Cookee is a bitch (female). This gentleman's cognitive function may be impaired, but his progress was evident - motivated by a little red Cavalier.  The session ended as she snuggled on his chest with him smiling and hugging her with both arms (assisted by his therapist).
It was a GOOD day for all.

Cookee and Terry "work" with Pet Partners of Acadiana at 3 hospitals in Lafayette, LA: Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, Lafayette General Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit and Opelousas General's Outpatient Moreau Pediatric Physical Therapy Clinic.

Tapfern Ringleader One Smart Cookee - Cookee
Terry Anseman, Pet Partner/Team Evaluator
Volunteer Coordinator - Pet Partners of Acadiana

Oh "Ruby " the one who sparkles brightest, our precious gemstone.
Ah we love this girl and "Ruby" is her name.
Ringleader Ruby DeVane


Ringleader Super Duper Cooper Believes life is good!

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Snow Dog - Tapfern September's Lily, sired by Ringleader True Gravity

aka Lily

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Ruby girl Ringleader Birthday Girl
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